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About Us

We are a group of companies, privately owned and operated by the Jaswant and Satwant Bains family.

Our primary business is in the dried fruit and nut industry as Growers, Processors, and Packers of bulk and retail productions, with market interests in commercial real estate and investment projects.

Our brands run complementary to each other in our commitment to expand products and service to our customers in both foreign and domestic markets as Sacramento Packing, Inc., Valley View Foods, Bains Farming, LP, and Bains Properties, LP.

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Bains Farming History
From humble beginnings, the Bains families have been farming in California since the 1920's, with Jaswant and Satwant Bains branching out in the early 1970's, building their fruit tree and nut farms over the years, one orchard at a time.

Farming is not just about watering some tress and picking its crops - it requires a serious commitment to long hours of hard work and research in cultivating and sustaining the land for rich crop production.  And there is no-one more dedicated to the land and its crops, than a Farmer.

The entire Bains family is deeply rooted in the farming and packing business, and today, they are proud to be one of the largest independent Growers of prunes in northern California, with more than 2,000 orchards spanning several thousand acres in the Yuba, Sutter, Butte, Glenn and Solano counties.


Who is Sacramento Packing?

Sacramento Packing, Inc. is a prune packing and processing facility established by the Bains family in 1991.

Our state-of-the-art Plant boasts more than 40,000 sq. ft. in capacity, with 80,000 sq. ft. in storage facilities.  Despite its early construction, our Plant remains one of the newest in the industry, thanks to our modernized facility and equipment upgrades.

Our machinery and equipment are inspected daily prior to operations, with annual inspections randomly conducted by the USDA, DFA and high-end clientele.  In addition, our products are indiscriminately quality tested and certified by both in-house QA Lab Techs and 3rd party certified labs to ensure excellent standards are developed, monitored, and maintained.

We sell to buyers all around the world (nearly 70% in Export sales), so we depend on the reliability of our product. 

In an effort to constantly improve our standards, we are undergoing ISO and BRC certification, with current accreditation as follows:

  • BRC Certified
  • HACCP Certified 
  • Organic Certified
  • Kosher Certified 
  • Halal Certified
  • USDA Approved


Who is Valley View Foods?
Valley View Foods, Inc. (formerly Valley View Packing) is one of California's foremost producers of prune juice and concentrates.

Established in 1886 by the Rubino family, it serves a long standing tradition of honor and integrity in the industry - now owned and operated by the Bains family (see
Announcement of Acquisition).

Valley View Foods operates a top-of-the-line Concentrate Plant (30,000 sq. ft.) and large scale Dehydration facility (32,440 sq. ft.) with an in-house Quality Assurance Laboratory and more than 104,000 sq. ft. dedicated to product storage (cold and ambient).

Our advantage is having one of only two 7-Stage T.A.S.T.E Evaporators in the WORLD!  This technology provides maximum energy saving while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the processed product, thanks to the extremely short product holding times in the evaporation stages. 

Like our sister company Sacramento Packing, we endeavor to support excellence in quality and service, with periodic reviews of our systems and operations both in-house and external.

We are proud to offer food safety and quality accreditation as follows:

  • BRC Certified
  • HACCP Certified  
  • Kosher Certified  
  • GMA-SAFE Certified  
  • Halal Certified 
  • Organic Certified 
  • USDA Approved
Bains Farming Division
Under the Bains Farming, LP umbrella
, we own and farm more than 2,000 orchards in the Yuba, Sutter, Glenn, Sacramento, Solano and Butte counties.

The development of our orchards is driven and defined by both traditional and modern agricultural practices.  We are energy and environmentally conscious, and use the advancements in technology together with industry resources to supplement our history and experience in tilling and harvesting our fields. 

Our orchards are designated by Lot and Grower number so that crops are guaranteed traceable from finished product to raw material.  These lots are marked either organic (i.e. no use of pesticides and/or other chemicals), conventional (standard pesticide and chemical use), or conventional-restricted  (spraying is restricted to certain chemical use). 

Spraying, irrigation and fertilization are scheduled according to land and plant needs to help grow and sustain healthy crops and soil.  Our spraying activities are properly documented, with monthly reporting regulated by the
State Dept. of Pesticide Regulation*. We also ensure all the chemicals we use are EPA approved, and that responsible farming practices are observed.

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